Quick Check for Sex Toy Safety

Sex toys are manufactured using all sorts of materials and some may be toxic and unsafe for your tender genital tissues.

True story. My partner and I were engaging in some anal play with a toy that we hadn’t used before. Almost immediately upon entry, I felt a burning sensation that intensified until I had to ask him to remove it. We made a joke of it and named the toy “Bernie.” I thought perhaps I hadn’t rinsed the toy enough after I had cleaned it before play, so we tried the toy again after another cleaning and a thorough rinse. I felt the same burning. We even tried it a third time in his ass (after a third cleaning) and he also felt the burn.

toxic sex toy safety unsafe

Last weekend, I attended a fantastic workshop “Junk for Your Junk: Sex Toys 101″presented by Chicago sex educators Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg. At one point, Sunny mentioned that some cheaper sex toys may contain toxic materials that will cause genital irritation and burning. My partner and I looked at each other with knowing recognition. Bernie!

Here’s a quick and easy tip to check sex toys for safety before risking irritation or a burning sensation. Lick the toy. If it tastes bad or burns your tongue, don’t put it near your sensitive genital areas unless you put a condom over it for some extra protection. Better yet, consider retiring the toy to the trash. Thanks Sunny Megatron for solving the mystery of Bernie!

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